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3D 4D Scan

Ideally between 25 – 28 weeks.

3D & 4D Baby Scans

Better real life images of your baby.

3D scans show still images of your baby in three dimensions.

4D scans show moving 3D images of your baby, with time being the fourth dimension.

Although 2D ultrasound is required to view your baby for medical reasons, the mother sometimes finds the scan disappointing and difficult to understand the different shades of grey.

3D4D technology has transformed the ultrasound industry to produce real-life images of your baby.

3D 4D Scan Ireland

During our 3D4D scan it is possible to see your baby smiling, waving, sticking its tongue out, sucking on its fingers & toes or just flipping over. We pride ourselves as being former trainers within the ultrasound industry (Ultrasound Application Trainers) that you’ll be happy with the imagery you get from your 3D4D scan on the best-in-class equipment the industry has to offer.

The ideal time to schedule your 3D4D scan is between 25 – 28 weeks, however the scan can be performed up to 32/33 weeks. For twins the earlier you come the better.

We believe that a 3D/4D baby scan solidify that early bond you are already feeling with your baby as well as create one for Dad or the grandparents and your extended family members.

Each 3D/4D Scan Includes…

3D baby scan images & 4D video sent to your email address.

Images and scan report of baby’s measurements will be given to you as you leave.

A chance to hear your baby's heartbeat.

Any guests welcome (No restrictions).

PRICE €170

*Twins are 50 Euro extra