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Growth Scan

24 Weeks – Term

Growth Scan Ireland
Growth Scan Ennis and Waterford

A Private Growth Scan or Wellbeing Scan

See your baby and his or hers heartbeat!

We offer Growth Scans (also often referred to as Well Being Scans) from 24 weeks gestation onwards. Our Growth / Wellbeing Scan will allow you to see your baby and confirm it’s heartbeat, know the size of the baby and position, know how much amniotic fluid is around the baby and measure maternal cervix holding in the baby.

If the baby does not measure appropriate for gestational age, umbilical dopplers will be performed.

Our Growth / Well Being Scan will provide a sense of wellbeing on seeing your baby’s heartbeat and active movements enforcing the bond with your unborn child.

Your Growth Scan Includes…

Images & Video’s sent to your email address.

Images and scan report of baby’s measurements will be given to you as you leave.

A chance to hear your baby's heartbeat.

Opportunity to monitor development.

If baby is in a good position, we will try to acquire one 3D4D image for a keepsake.

PRICE €150

*Twins are 50 Euro extra