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Gender Determination Scan 

16 Weeks +

Gender Determination Baby Scan

Is it a boy or a girl?

If you would like to find out whether you’re having a boy or a girl, we can usually tell from 16 weeks on.

If baby is being shy and hiding it on that day, you can return for 1 free reschedule to try another look.

As with any scan here at UWS, we take a look at the baby’s well-being, survey cervical integrity, visualise the fluid around the baby and measure the early developed organs within the baby.

Gender determination after 16 weeks is up to 96% accurate.

Gender Determination Scans Ireland

Each Gender Determination Scan Includes…

Gender Scan images & video sent to your email address.

Images and scan report of baby’s measurements will be given to you as you leave.

Confirmation of gender, you could choose to find out later on a gender card or on the day of.

A chance to hear your baby's heartbeat.

Any guests welcome (No restrictions).

If baby is in a good position, we will try to acquire one 3D4D image for a keepsake.

PRICE €130

*Twins are 50 Euro extra