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Early Pregnancy Scan

7 – 12 Weeks

Early Pregnancy Scan Ennis and Waterford
Early Pregnancy Scan

A Private Early Pregnancy Scan

The first trimester can be an exciting and anxious time.

Expectant parents often need to wait up to 15 weeks before they get their first pregnancy scan in the hospital and the reassurance that everything is fine with their baby.

With our private early pregnancy scan, you can get assurance starting 7 weeks gestation, so you can have the confidence to plan accordingly.

We perform our Early Pregnancy Scan between 7 and 12 weeks. The earlier this scan is done, the more accurate it is at estimating your baby’s due date. Due Date Estimations made during the first 12 weeks are generally within 3 – 5 days accurate.

What can I see at an Early Pregnancy Scan?

Our Early Pregnancy Scans reveal important information about your pregnancy:

Gestational age of your pregnancy.

Correct location of that gestational sac.

The number of foetae & sacs (fraternal vs. identical twins).

Presence of a heartbeat.

Your baby’s size, to calculate your due date is estimated based on measurements and the date of your last menstrual period.

Plus, we will be able to see if there is more than one at your Early Pregnancy Scan. If there is more than one, we can also determine if they are fraternal or identical.

Each Early Pregnancy Baby Scan Includes…

Early Pregnancy Scan Price

Images & Video’s sent to your email address.

Images and scan report of baby’s measurements will be given to you as you leave.

Any guest welcome (No restrictions).

If baby is in a good position, we will try to acquire one 3D4D image for a keepsake.

PRICE €150

Some Happy Customers!

Ultrasound Review Stars

“I can honestly say Ultrasounds Women’s Scans are the BEST in Waterford! Veronica is so gentle and friendly. I was worried about my pregnancy as a first time mom, but she reassured me and kept me calm by answering every silly questions with no hesitation. Her advice and expertise in the field is unmatched in Waterford. 100% would recommend to any women looking for a friendly and expert scan!
Thank you so much Veronica! Will definitely come back.”


Ultrasound Review Stars

“Wow! Just finished our appointment with Veronica and what can I say she was just fantastic! Little baby girl had her legs crossed for over 40 minutes!! Luckily there was no one in after us so we were in there a little over an hour, Veronica very kindly kept us there until baby uncrossed her legs!! Veronica pointed out every little detail legs arms fingers you name it we saw it! It was fantastic! I would highly recommend it to anyone and we will definitely be back for a 3D scan soon! Thanks again guys”